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New Dance

 The art of dance is moving forward dynamically. Lately, many stereotypes about the work of the performer, educator or choreographer have significantly changed. All of that requires continual learning and it is not within the possibilities of dancing schools to contain within their curricula. Therefore, we offer a platform for supplementary education for students of dancing schools as well as professional dance artists. Our program is focused on supporting the development of live dancing via education, art research, and support for innovative creativity.


International center for education, research and creation of New Dance and

Physical Theater

 The international center is an open space for the overlap of learning and art research at New Dance and Physical Theater.  New Space aims at creating a meeting point for artists to find inspiration and new experience for their professional work. A space where they work creatively and where they have the chance to take their learning or research far enough for the quality of their work to be worthwhile and real – „live“.

 New Space‘s qualities also open it to the public as it offers and educational program as well as the opportunities to meet artists.

 The term of „New Dance“ was used to search for that in dance which might be rooted in contemporary dance but after the incredible explosion in this art form during the last twenty years we feel the need to sort of organize, to determine what is still alive and what is a thing of the past. This process includes the search for new forms of artistic expression which have developed even more elaborately and vividly, for instance in floor work, partner work, improvisations, up side down techniques, contortions and many other. At the same time, the borderlines of performance seem to disappear, the dancer becomes an actor, performer, contortionist, or philosopher… There is even more overlap and mutual enriching between physical theater and dance. The sincerity and depth of the expression of a dance artist are not supported only in their overall work with their body through anatomical knowledge, with their energy centers, but also with the increasing involvement of the performer in the creative process. Thus, New Dance is hard to define more precisely, it lies in the process of searching and discovery, and that is which we want to create space for.

 Organisational team of Nový Priestor / New Space