Body to Voice Laboratory

Body to Voice Laboratory

Body to Voice Laboratory 800 533 Nový priestor

Body to voice laboratory – awakening of the inner song

Everyone has a song inside them.Working physically and dynamically, participants are led to access their own individual musicality, within a supportive and relaxed environment.

Samuel Alty is an experienced teacher, actor-musician and international performer. He´s danced at the Royal Opera House, toured with Giffords Circus, performed with members of the Song of the Goat company, and is currently about to release his own solo album. He has developed his own working methodology that incorporates techniques adapted from theatre, meditation, martial arts, and his experience in song-writing and performing. 

The workshop is addressed to people who work with the body, and want to explore their voices and musicality.

For inspiration please watch work of Samuel Alty

Place: Theatre DPOH, studio no. 401, 4th floor

Price: 85€