Dancing Qigong

Dancing Qigong

Dancing Qigong 2048 1448 Nový priestor




9.-16.10. 2016


Intensive and concentrated work with Zuna and Milan away from a city, in beautiful environment of White Carpathian Mountains, Slovakia. ResearCh open for experienced actors, dancers and movers who want to experiment and deepen their knowledge about the body, enrich their technique and improvisation skills.
“Dancing Qigong” is an open platform of our systematic and concentrated work in this field.  
For several years, the system of Qigong has been our great inspiration. As dance artists and teachers we constantly deepen, develop and move on this knowledge to new levels.
We do not focus our attention on particular forms of practices/exercises, but rather on application of their principles. We see huge potential in the latter for aiding and enriching movers, actors and dancers in a number of areas of their professional lives:
– improving their technique
– enhancing their interpretative abilities as performers
– providing deeper knowledge of healthy and effective body work, aiming to prolong their artistic career.

The apprach to this topic differs in view of our different individual experiences and perspectives, but we believe this confrontation can enrich not only ourselves but also the participants.


„Qigong literally means „work with the Qi energy“. Qi means energy, vital life force, thanks to which we are alive. Qi circulates in our bodies in energetic pathways, also called meridians, and it is also connected to our internal organs which are nourished by chi. Gong means activity, work, ability and also time and attention we spend on using our Qi. Essentially, qigong may be entwined with dance, as there is a parallel between the two. It may become a subconscious aspect of a mover´s/dancer´s way of self-expression either in training, improvisation or even during a performance time on stage.“


„Research as such is a component of creative processes as well as of personal and artistic growth of an artist. It is also a process of discovery of various practical excercises which bring specific value impact to both the group and to the artist himself/herself. I have acquired inspiration and the sense of purpose for this work from my long-term collaboration with actors whose theatrical work and artistic development have been inspired by and linked to theater and philospohy of Polish theater director J. Growotsky. Another inspiration of mine is the system and practises of qigong, which continuously help me deepen my over 20 year long fascination with the link between dance and conscious energy work. I have decided to go into this research also on the basis of positive feedback I have been recieving from participants of the like workshops, whom my work has supported in their further growth, while it has also provided them with complex preparation for creation of art works.“


128,- € (admition fee, accomodation) Early Bird do 9.9. 2016

145,- € (admition fee, accomodation) Regular

Centre provides accomodation in 2 and 3 bed rooms, and vegetarian food. Food (9,- € a day) should be payed extra.

Place: Center Súrya/White Carpathians

Date: Arrival: October 9th at 6pm/Departure: October 16th afternoon


In regard to the research form of the workshop, it is open for experienced dancers and movers and limited to 10 participants only. Please send your application with CV and motivation letter to artyci@artyci.com



EFI BIRBA, theater director of THE RES RATIO NETWORK/Athens
„Milan Kozanek is a philosopher of movement. His study and exploration of body as a theatrical instrument are based on a highly established method of observation. He provides a performer (dancer or actor) with knowledge and awareness to meet with the range of his abilities. The influence of the method on the performers was manifested in elevating the development of their personal vocabulary in improvisation and composition,  render the brain as co-director of the composition“.

JULIANNA BLOODGOOD/USA /actor of Teatr Piesn Kozla, Wroclaw
I found Milan Kozanek to be one of the most skilled movement professionals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His knowledge of the body and systems of energy and movement are apparent in everything he does as an artist, teacher and director -choreographer. Milan opened for me new systems of thought regarding the body. He has an incredible eye for detail, repetition and an ability to inspire.

Entering the door of creative process can be a challenging route. In terms of emptying the mind from all the unnecessary/blocking thoughts, shifting more control to the „lower“ brain, awakening the body and the wisdom and instincts nested inside of it. Milan is opening the way how to enter to such creative process.  

MONIKA STEIKASSERER / dancer, psysiotherapist, Vienna
Qigong in connection with dance in my opinion is a breakthrough idea. I have experienced it thanks to Zuna and I think can be very helpful and this project worth supporting dancers and other professional movers. My own moving experience has been shaped through the work and constant study of physiotherapy including different approaches and techniques and some 20years of experience with patients mainly from the orthopedic and traumatology field as well as the practice of contemporary and new dance technique a qigong, some yoga, snowboarding and other Sports. I have experienced many teachers but have followed constantly only a few over the years. Zuna is luckily one of them. A person of great knowledge and humbleness. She has the ability to sum up the knowledge briefly which requires a deep understanding of the subject.