Nový Priestor
is a civic organization which creates programs for education in contemporary dance and physical theatre, realization of an artistic research and creation of innovative projects in the vision of development the field of contemporary dance art. 

The vision of Nový Priestor (New Space) is to create an inspirational physical space – dance hall, meeting the parameters for creative process of an artist under the conditions that are also beneficial for its health. A space that offers new models of activities reflecting the current needs of professional growth of an artist/dancer, performer, choreographer, and a teacher. A space where the public can actively experience a joy of movement and creative process in an entertaining way through workshops, discussions and presentations.


The New Space non-profit organization was founded by Katarina Brestovanska with the exceptional support of Milan Kozánek in 2012-2014.

The idea to create the base for contemporary dance that would meet all necessary parameters for dance activities had been forming since 2010. After 2 years of intensive search, we finally managed to find a suitable hall at Továrenská Street, in the building of the former Research Institute of Cable and Insulating materials. In such generous space, we could run through all the planned activities. Unfortunately, this space no longer exists.

During the period of our formation, the New Space had moved to Pisztory Palace, where we could implement our activities only partially. Presently, we have found a stable base in P. O. Hviezdoslav Theater, in its rehearsal room.

New Space Team


Katka Brestovanská

+421 905 212 052

Katarína Zjavková

+421 902 671 973

Zuzana Horná

+421 907 504 681