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The workshop will be led by Žubra and Honza, who have been co-dancers for several years. They have established and maintain contact improvisation lessons in the studio Alta in Prague. They are co-creators of CI research project – Focus on Touch. They perfectly complete eachother´s work. Žubra brings safe almost motherly atmosphere with a pinch of softness and Honza loads the workshop with experimental discoveries and courageous techniques.

During these four days, we will go on a playful and inspiring tour of improvised dance as well as contact improvisation and acrobatics. We will go through a variety of bodywork exercises which will bring us new sensations,body knowledge and a relaxation. It isn´t only our body that will boost from this workshop but our mind and soul too..

Main topics:

Warm up exercises
Body work exercises
The principles of contact improvisation
Lifting and flying techniques
Working with our own weight and the weight of partner
Improvisation in the group
Communication through movement
The intentional use of force and effort
Relaxation exercises
Free Dance for putting the gained skills into practice

The workshop is open to all and you do not have to have a partner!

When: 24/02-27/02/2017 Fri-Mon
Time: coming soon
Where: DPOH Gorkého 17, Bratislava – service entrance to the theater, 4th floor, room no. 407
Price: € 125 – Regular,
€ 105 – Student,
€ 105 – Early Bird until 5 .2.2017 !!!

Registration: https://novypriestor.com/index.php/sk/prihlaska or info@novypriestor.com

If you can not make it for full four days workshop, let us know and we will find the solution.

For more questions, contact us at info@novypriestor.com.
The workshop will be held with the financial support FPU.

Žubra K. Žubretovská
She has devoted herself to dance from her young age. From classic ballroom dances she danced herself to modern dance and improvisation and to contact improvisation (CI). She has accomplished a 3 year program “Mindful body“ at Rena Milgrom´s, which enriched her knowledge of Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentanls. Žubra has been expanding her dance skills in studio Druna, DanceLab, Nuevo and Academy of Performing Arts. She participates in workshops and festivals of CI abroad, where she obtains her impulses and motivations for her work. In addition to the workshops of contact improvisation she leads dance-movement workshops associated with bodywork, private dance therapies and she dances in several dance groups.
” I understand contact improvisation as a communication tool of two dancing bodies that carefully listen and read each other. If both dancers are fully present, they will feel that their dance movement is led by some kind of a mutual energy, which emerges between them and pulls them along. Then, the mind only observes what is happening and where it is taken in improvisation by the body. Timelessness begins.”

Honza Drahokoupil
Dancer, scientist, swordsman, choreographer, acrobat, teacher, performer, physicist and last but not least a father.
He started with historic dance and swordsmanship, and over the time he got to their contemporary alternatives, sport-fencing and contemporary dance. He went through various physically demanding workouts, but at the same time he was addressed by the somatic techniques. The combination of these two approaches has been a question to him for several years: How to use force, but also to be fully aware of what the body is doing?
He is a member of the “Wednesday” contact improvisation group.
“Confrontation or Cooperation 🙂 with my partner´s body and his weight never ceases to amaze me.”