Micro in Macro

Micro in Macro

Micro in Macro 900 602 Nový priestor


Physical theatre and videoprojection

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Katarína Brestovanská: theme, choreography, interpretation

Noro Knap: visual concept, videoprojection, sound, light design

Milan Kozánek: assistent of choreography


„Micro in Macro“ is a stand-up performance, which experiments with the connection between theatre and visual art. During the performance, the artist confronts with film pictures, which were created as independent animations and as a recording from the creative process. The performance analyses personal experience of a woman in relationship to the universal principle, which is presented by basic elements and natural processes in the nature: soil, flowering, flowers, light, fadeaway, death. In the process of self-finding, she immerges herself into the Earth depth to discover the real woman power inside her. Returning to the source and feeling it deeply enables her to rediscover a woman who tells her story with her body.


See short trailer of performance