Zuna Vesan Kozánková

Zuna Vesan Kozánková

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Zuna Vesan Kozánková


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Zuna’s classes of new dance technique are focused on using the natural way of human body movement. That is what is seen as one of the most important aim – the awareness of anatomy and also deeper awareness of the way we move. She gathers from principles of Limon and Alexander technique, release contact improvisation, Yoga, Aikido, and movement method Axis Sylabus.

Zuna focuses on: 

* listening to the inborn instinct and their using in movement

* discovering and developing of chain reactions which our body offers

* flexibility of joints and search for new movement possibilities by using it

* using the weight of the body and its parts
* floor work and understanding of relationship of the whole body to this important support and also wide source of new movement possibilities
* dynamics as important part of movement
* work with the space, where all these elements are placed

On the base of using all these moments she tries to withdraw from accustomed movement models and discover always new ones. The classes includes also technical exercises, which are followed by variations where you can use the new knowledge. The classes are designed for beginners, advanced and professional level.


Zuna has been dancing the whole life and considers dance as one of the expressions of her taoist soul. She studied at the Dance conservatory and the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, in many places in Europe and Asia. For the past years, she has dedicated herself to the study of traditional Chinese medicine, qigong and taoism. 

Throughout her 20-year practice she has developed a unique style based on her experiences with contemporary dance, body awareness, contact improvisation, anatomy, spiral dynamics and universal principles of taoism. Her teaching practices are sought in the professional groups in Bratislava, Prague, Salzburg, Bangkok as well as in the dance academies such as SEAD (Salzburg), Academy of Performing Arts (Prague), TIP – School for Dance, Improvisation and Performance (Freiburg, GE) and Northern School of Contemporary Dance (Leeds, UK). She is the founder and dancer of summer dance camp „Dance in Mountains“ in Orlice mountains in the Czech republic.